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Becoming a fulltime mommy is both fulfilling and demanding. Yes, the thought of caring for the children and my hubby is extremely fulfilling, however the truth remains that there is not much that a homemaker could do to help with the finances. To assist my hubby in saving up for our future, I looked at different Web sites for one which could provide the best small business opportunity for me to follow while being at home. Doing this, I could do the chores while making money to support our little family. Upon looking at the contents of these Sites, I discovered that I could make money while doing the stuff that I love the most. Hence, I made a decision at first to sell baked goods considering that many of my pals and relatives compliment me for my great baking skills. To guarantee the freshness of my goodies, I always remind my contacts via the social networking sites that I use to place their complete orders no less than 3 days before their planned pick-up in order that I could prepare the goods on time. Considering that baking is a lot more of a pastime to me, I made a decision to keep my clients small simply by selling my goods to my pals and my husbandís colleagues. By doing this, I wonít get very pressured with all the preparations and also the managing of volume orders. My loyal clients never fail to compliment me, and it serves as my inspiration to do better as well as expand my customers in the near future. Hopefully, I can take orders in large quantities to earn much more for this business. The monthly earnings which I obtain for selling baked goods is sufficient for us to pay for all the utilities and at least 2 trips to the downtown grocery store. It might appear small, however if I add all my earnings within a year, it will be almost the same as half of my hubby's work compensation. Selling items on the internet has to be the best small business opportunity which I have taken to date. All the effort has certainly been worthwhile.